The 4 Coolest Coffee Table Books

Listen, books are passe. Right? But, there is still something about holding a physical book, vinyl album, even a book full of family pictures.  There's a permanence to it.

I came across the latest Tom Ford coffee table book, and I know there are more that you should be looking at. Let's be real, you're cool. But a kickass Tom Ford book wouldn't be on the top of your Amazon wish list.


Ian Schrager Studio 57 Book
Warhol Giant Book
Tom Ford Coffe Table Book
The Bucket list Coffee Table Book

Here's 4 You Need to Buy

  1. Ian Shrager's Studio 54
  2. Tom Ford
  3. Andy Warhol - Giants
  4. The Bucket List

The first book is from Ian Schrager, one of the original founders of Studio 54.  The original coked-out discos that create rumors of Bowie and Jagger experiencing l'amour betwixt the two.

The second, Tom Ford.  The dude has style. Yep, you and I pale in comparison, but it's never too late to try.

Third, Andy Warhol... Artist. The original mute of art. Get on it.  It will make you seem more cultured than you are.

Last one on the list, The Bucket List. Everyone loves a list. Here are your 1000 adventures to make your life complete. Maybe not, but why not try. It will be fun.