Airbnb Reveals Their 20 Place People Will Want To Visit In 2020

Every year, Airbnb lists their pick of places to see in the coming year.  And boy, is this year's list is a shocker.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is at the top of the Airbnb List

A great midwest city, Milwaukee has some of the best summer activities in the United States. They have their annual music festival - Summerfest, which showcases bands from Rock to Country to Pop.

In addition, they have their art museum designed by Calatrava of Australia's Opera House fame.  And lastly, it's still one of the few places that you can get a great dinner and drinks for around $20. That's pretty awesome.

Airbnb Bibao 2020

Balbao, Spain is in 2nd place for 2020

What more can you say, about a city that has almost an endless amount of great architecture of old and new. Plus you get fantastic museums on top of that.

Located in northern Spain, Balboa only has a population of about 350,000 people. But that doesn't mean that it's not Metropolitan.  You can spend time going to the Guggenheim Museum, market and

Oh, and get ready to rock some Sangria at night.


Airbnb buriram Thailand 2020

Head off to Buriram, Thailand for the number 3 spot

it's old Asia meet new.  Buriram is locate about 250 miles northeast of Bankok. So, it's not in the mix.

But, it does have the night bazaar, the temple of Wat Pa Khao Noi and the King Rama Monument.  We're sure that you'll find things to do, people to meet and beers to drink.


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