Conversate – The Card Game

Conversate – The Card Game That Makes Dinner A Bit More Interesting


Created by two young storytellers, Mollie and Taylor, Conversate is a card game that aims to start meaningful conversations among a group of people. There are no specific rules to the game, and as long the end result is a sincere discussion, you can count yourself as a winner.
Essentially, Conversate works by using 28 different cards that each have 10 different questions on them--all of which are designed to inspire dialogue and make the players think. Along with this, there is an included booklet that suggests different ways to play the game and gives tips on how to get the best results.
For instance, one way to play it is like a Jeffersonian Dinner--where a group of people gather around and discuss an important topic each day. While the game is fairly unstructured, it is recommended that at least three people play at once, and those players are over the age of thirteen.


 Like its name, Conversate is designed to do just that--get people conversating. In a world that often hides behind their phones and feels isolated from others, Conversate brings people back to their roots--a good, old-fashioned chat.
Still, it's more than just talking--Conversate's purpose is to go beyond pointless small-talk and give people a format to discuss their beliefs, opinions, and ideas about various topics.
If you're hosting a dinner party, Conversate works well as an after-dinner activity. Not only will it give you and your friends something more interesting to talk about, but it will also help you discover new things about each other as well.
Still, perhaps the best thing that Conversate can offer people isn't just a good conversation--but a guaranteed conversation. By providing a structured format where questions are continually asked and there are none of those awkward pauses that come with small-talk, you won't have to worry about the discussion dying off or feeling bored.


As great of an idea as it may be, the real question that to ask is: does it work? Does Conversate really bring people closer together and foster meaningful discussions?
The answer is yes. Those who have actually had the chance to pull it out at their dinner parties or when hanging out with friends did find that it did work well for starting up insightful conversations. Along with this, they also found the Pocket Guide that comes with it to be useful in finding new and interesting ways to play the game too.


Whether you're looking for a way to journey beyond boring small-talk with someone you met recently or interested in discovering something new about those friends you've known for years, Conversate works in both scenarios.
Its versatility allows you to utilize it in a variety of situations, and game-play can range from being more structured--like with a Jeffersonian Dinner--or as simple as asking questions back-and-forth.
Overall, if you're interested in finding a different way to speak and enjoy time with your friends and family, Conversate is definitely worth it.