Greens For Good: Farm Urban With Vertical Farming

It's pretty rare that we find a story that we want to share the means so much to us. Farm urban is a social enterprise trying to grow food people in the best ways for the planet.

However, they're doing it a little differently. They're trying to build food network's and allow homes to have fresh food in the Liverpool area by using vertical farming.  In addition, they are trying to create engaging and meaningful jobs in their communities.

So, how are they doing it?

farm Urban Liverpool

Vertical Farming in Liverpool using Kickstarter

Their almost funded project, on Kickstarter, is trying to help grow food for the people of Liverpool and the surrounding area. In fact, it is the next step in Farm Urban's mission to get some fresh healthy food for the children of Liverpool by going directly to the classroom.

At the same time, they're trying to educate children and young people about where their food comes from.  That's a compelling statement.

By the way, this is the launch of Liverpool's first vertical farm.  And with Green's for Good's emphasis on using a soil less system, they're looking at producing 100% pesticide-free greens.

box of Greens Farm Urban

How much money are they trying to raise?

Greens For Good is looking to raise about $32,000. That money is going to help them ensure that over 100 schools in Liverpool will have access to greens - a box of greens, a produce pod, or an edible wall.

That's something that we can definitely get behind here at Jumbo Milk.