The Greenhouse Jacket – Unique Heated Jacket for Extreme Weather

magine getting rid of the oversized winter jackets and adorning yourself in a costume that keeps you warm and comfortable in the most extreme weather conditions.

Well, Kickstarter has helped creative individuals to come up with a unique, smallest and compact jacket designed to replace traditional winter coats and keep your body warm and comfortable during the cold days. We refer to this creative product as Greenhouse Jacket.

What is Greenhouse Jacket?

Using the simplest description, we can define Greenhouse Jacket as a heated blazer disguised as thermal. It is small and compact jacket designed to keep its wearer warm in the most extreme weather conditions. This technologically advanced winter jacket allows you to adjust its temperature from the wrist. To guarantee flexibility and versatility, the Greenhouse Jacket features three custom settings (low, medium and high). This means you have three temperatures to choose from depending on your desired temperature.

The Important Features and Specifications

Although the definition is simple, the heated jacket is equipped with state of the art features and specifications that make it unique and performance-oriented, unlike nothing you have ever come across. Here are the most important of those features:

  • Surround Jacket Heating

The secrets behind the convenient heating of the jacket are the heating panels that line both front and back of the jacket. The heating system of the jacket can heat it up to 135 Degrees Fahrenheit for up to 14 hours depending on your desired heat setting. At these temperatures, you can be certain that even the most extreme weather conditions will not have any effects on your body. You will feel warm and comfortable at all times.

  • Lightweight Thermal Design

Like the thermal you always wear underneath your waterproof jacket, the Greenhouse jacket is lightweight and thermal heating your body just like a winter coat would. The beautiful thing is that you can wear the jacket by itself or underneath your jacket depending on your preferences. This is a nice piece of clothing if are tired of bulky winter and autumn coats. In terms of weight, the Greenhouse jacket weighs less than quarter the weight of your usual winter coat.

A Coat that Helps Charge Your Phone On The Go

The era of walking around with power-banks or excess batteries during winter is over if you have the Greenhouse jacket. Regardless of where you go, this jacket allows you to always stay connected thanks to a handy mobile phone charger. It does not matter whether yours is an android or iOS device, the charger is compatible. It features a built-in secret pocket that allows you to use your regular pockets.

A Durable and Waterproof Coat For Protection

Just like your usual winter coat, the Greenhouse jacket is waterproof. The jacket feature in its design light fleece material (8 oz polyester) that is completely waterproof to keep you dry and warm under all conditions. Besides, the material is extremely strong, durable and flexible. It will be easy on you. These features make the unique jacket perfect for any outdoor activities including winter sports, traveling, hiking or just hanging out.

is the Greenhouse Jacket Worth the price?

The Greenhouse jacket offers you a nice way to graduate from the bulky winter coats. It is a small, compact and nicely designed thermal disguise but delivers a performance that unlike anything you already know. Remember, battery powers the jacket and you will have to buy the battery and the charger separately