The Marshall Amp Fridge For The Musician

Long gone are the days of Jimmy Page, comma, in all of the 70s rockers that would have stacks full of speakers in the background while they were playing.  A lot of people easily recognize Marshall's split design with black cloth and white piping and the awesome and iconic Marshall logo.

Barbour Scarf

What you may not know is that the same design can be found on a mini-fridge.  And the speaker giant has a line of fridges using that iconic design.

The fridge comes in two variations. They have produced a medium-capacity minibar fridge with a little over three cubic feet of space priced at $349 99 cents.  And a high capacity version with 4.4 cubic feet. Priced at $479.99   The fridges have a really great attention to detail, period.

Barbour Scarf

The fridges have knobs labeled bass treble presence master and preamp.  They don't actually control anything but their inclusion helps sell the feeling that you actually have a great Marshall amp.

While the brass faceplate comes with the stylish Marshall signature lettering which completes the entire look.

Unlike a lot of cheaper fridges, these have some glass shelves.  And the indoor door rack holds two-liter bottles comfortably as well as can handle your beer.

Marshall has told everyone that this is their coolest icon and music, it just got even cooler.  And the same could be said for your apartment. Man Cave, or even dorm room.  If you add one of these mini-fridges, you're going to have the final element to make your place to be the ultimate hangout.