An Iron Pan Worth Buying From Solidteknics USA

SOLIDteknics has returned to Kickstarter to Crowdfund Their latest cookware piece. Unlike a lot of Chinese manufacturers, this company is founded by real mechanical engineers who know how to cook.  The amazing thing is, these guys of had 21 successful kick starters in Australia in the last five years.

Unlike some of their past offerings, they're actually making these pants in the United States. Which actually is pretty awesome!

Cast Iron Pan Kickstarter

Unlike some of their previous pans, they are offering their latest pan with a "quenched" finish which makes it strong and grippy surface for you to hold onto.  Additionally, they are including what they're calling "iron love" which is a seasoning and conditioner bar made from a combination of avocado oil, beeswax, and coconut oil.

Solidteknics Pre-Seasoned Iron Pan

A 7 1/2 inch and 10 inch US iron skillet are being offered for delivery in March 2020.  They will be shipping anywhere in the world.Prices look to be $49 and $79.  Take a look at their kick starter page at the link below.