Is The Stannt Dress Shirt The Most Comfortable?

Ever wonder why people almost never exercise in dress shirts? Well, it’s simple logic that’s got everything to do with how uncomfortable they are.

That seemed to be the case until recently when Stantt stepped up and introduced a lineup of the most comfortable, high-performance dress shirts that apparently are the only ones of the kind on the market. Even better, the company is revolutionizing the sizing by adopting the latest technology that traditionally was only reserved for sportswear.

In addition to the sheer comfort they provide, the shirts are just as stylish as you’d want them to be.

Fantastic Fit

Stantt has been in the past four years been revolutionizing the way shirts are sized in an attempt to come up with better fitting garments that are second to none in terms of style, comfort, and fit. To achieve this, the company had to come up with a new sizing system designed from scratch with thorough research.

First, millions of body scans from actual people had to be analyzed, and the data recorded combined with thousands of live fittings and 3D modeling to come up with 75 varied sizes of shirts that people can wear.

To maximize the comfort, the shirts are designed from an innovative ComforTex material that offers a better fitting and all the comfort you’ll ever wish for in a garment you wear. Among the unparalleled features the shirt, there’s the 4-way stretch, wrinkle resistance, moisture wicking and temperature regulation to mention a few.


Doubles as Athletic Wear

This is exactly the kind of shirt you’d want to wear the whole day. If not for the style, you’re certainly going to love it for the sheer amount of comfort it provides. Unlike its mass-produced counterparts, these shirts are piecemeal produced by hand for the impeachable quality and crisp. They are then refined for the premium look before getting packed for shipping.

The shirts are well suited for all occasions. You can wear them for business or for casual meetings with jeans or chinos.

The shirts come in a wide range of colors including white, hounds tooth, blue gingham and so forth. You’re therefore guaranteed that there will always be a shirt that snugly matches your stylistic predilection.

It’s worth noting that each shirt is made to order. Meaning, you can have it customized any way you want, after which it will be delivered right to your doorstep within 7 days.

The shirts are currently being sold on Kickstarter, where it’s given as a reward with a certain amount of pledges.


stantt-athletic-dress-shirt-kickstarter (1)

Revolutionary Sizing

No matter how stylish your shirt looks, if it’s NOT an exact fit for you, then it certainly NOT going to look great on you. This is particularly the case for shorter and wirier men who have a hard time finding a fitting shirt off the rack.

The only way to find a near fitting dress shirt is to order a custom one, which isn’t exactly a great solution as such shirts tend to be more expensive and take long to be delivered. Plus most of the companies that offer the option will require you to send them your measurement, which doesn’t exactly take into account quite a good number of other fitment variables.

But thanks to Stantt, the company came up with a system that automatically determines your fitment to a T. In other words the company offers the best of a customized designing and off-the-rack worlds.

The Wrap

Stantt dress shirts are NO hype products. But until you get to try out one yourself, you’ll never understand why men all over are so excited about the brand.