Just Porter's Streeter Backpack Review (Recommended)

The crew at Just Porter have been on the market for over 5 years now. So, I want to write a quick review of the Streeter Commuter Backpack to share some thoughts about its quality, construction and overall feel. As I've had a chance to use it over the last year, I think it's a commuter backpack you should seriously consider owning.

Who is the Streeter Backpack Commuter made for?

If you're hauling papers, a laptop and maybe some clothes, with you to work every day you need a solid backpack.  First, you look for one that's comfortable, a good size, and looks good, too.

A great commuter bag can make a sweaty bike ride or long commute by train better.

In a nutshell, people often look at commuter backpack as made just for people using their bikes, but this is not true. And that's why I decided to write up a quick review on the Streeter Commuter by Just Porter.

Just Porter Streeter Backpack

What I love about the Streeter Commuter Backpack

I love the fact that it's weatherproof commuter bag that will keeps my gear safe from the elements. Now, this bag shouldn't be confused with a waterproof bag, and I'll quickly explain because there is a huge trade-off between weatherproof and waterproof.

First, I had a "Waterproof" from Ortlieb, but found that it lacked the proper padding for my laptop. It was a rolltop, but the tradeoff between "laptop padding safety" and waterproof was a little too much. I use a 15 inch Macbook pro, and I need to make sure that my laptop is protected from bumps and the potential falls to the ground.

I've looked at other bags that fit the "waterproof" category, but everyone had the same problem.  I cannot trust my $3000 computer to a thinly padded laptop area, and that's why a weatherproof commuter backpack made a better choice.

What's the difference between a Waterproof and Weather-proof Commuter Backpack?

Quickly, weatherproof means that it keeps the elements out, but is not a "sealed environment."  Waterproof is basically a wet/dry bag. The trade off is keeping water 100% out and keeping water away. Again, from the waterproof bags I've seen there is too much a trade-off between features, comfort and laptop safety.

Is the Streeter Backpack Comfortable?

Yes, the Streeter has been great. I've used it traveling around the city and traveling throughout Europe. As you can see from the picture above, it was great in Venice, Italy.

A nice feature is that the shoulder straps are wide enough to distribute the weight in the backpack. That alone has saved me some neck pain.

When reviewing the Streeter Commuter's physical and technical features, I was pretty surprised. The Streeter's straps are what make it unique and incomparable to other backpacks in the market. The padding is comfortable.

What About the Size of the Streeter Backpack?

The Streeter Commuter is a medium-sized backpack. I liken it similar to a smaller Herschel Rucksack. With this size, it can accommodate any essential items that you need to carry around including a laptop, iPad, Phone, Charging batteries and other electronic gadgets.

The size and design also allow you to carry a heavy load with ease. Noting again: The bag’s padded shoulder straps improve the level of comfort. It also has a padded back panel that pretty comfortable as well. In other words, it's pretty damn comfortable.

Streeter Commuter Backpack Waterproof Laptop Pocket

Designed for 13-16" laptops

Nowadays most people like carrying their laptops around. Streeter can save you from the hassles of buying a special laptop bag. It has a dedicated compartment that is designed to carry a laptop such as a 16” MacBook Pro. Given that it is has a waterproof material, your laptop will be protected from water. To enhance the protection, all the sides of the laptop compartment are padded.

Easy to Access to the Main Compartment - Anti-theft

The Streeter has magnetic buckles that give you quick access to all the pockets and at the same time secure all your stuff.  It was really nice knowing that a rogue pickpocket couldn't get into my backpack.

Multiple Compartments

In addition to a dedicated laptop compartment, the bag has a vertical instant front pocket that is ideal for keeping small items such as keys. The main compartment is spacious enough to accommodate all your books and even some clothes.

It can also expand to accommodate more items. And, it has a solid organization system opposite of the laptop, tablet area.

The Streeter Backpack Review Verdict

From my experience and review, it is clear that Streeter Commuter backpack delivers a high quality backpack. I've enjoyed using the Streeter for the last year, and I recommend it to my friends. As of writing this, the price is $149.