Tesla's Cybertruck Has The Internet On Fire

Nobody seems to know who is more important these days, Elon Musk or his company Tesla. Yesterday, Musk unveiled Tesla's latest foray into the automotive world with a pickup truck.  However, Telsa is calling it the Cybertruck.

We have to admit, at first we hated it! However, over the course of the last 12 hours we've begun to love it. It's futuristic, Atari 2600 meets Halo.

A look at the inside of the Cybertruck

The amazing thing about this automobile is that it supposed to have a range of 500 miles on one charge. That's incredibly impressive. Additionally, during the presentation, musk showed their pick up truck competing against a Porsche 911. Unbelievably, the cybertruck won.

Tesla Cybertruck Supercut Video

However, while presenting the new pick up truck, Musk had a bit of a problem. He was trying to showcase the side window integrity and had one of his assistants throw a metal ball at the glass. Unfortunately, it didn't go As planned. The glass cracked. Musk Had him do it one more time and again the glass cracked.

However, on the bright side of things, musk noted that the window didn't shatter. Which is true.  In addition, he had another assistant hit the side door with a sledgehammer. Not a dent, not a scratch. Truly impressive

Tesla's New Pickup Truck

The cyber truck looks to be released within the next two years, and will begin at a price of $39,900. It will be topping off at approximately $60,000 for the high-end car. In addition, this pricing does not include self driving features in its cost. As it stands, this should cost an extra $7000.

Musk may be onto something.