TODO by Todo Technology: The All-In-One Tech Gadget

Since 2009, Kickstarter has been in the business of bringing creative projects to life. TODO, a new innovation from Todo Technology is a new feature on their platform that will blow your mind away.

Take a minute, think about the possibility of having a Mp3 player, 3 hard disk drives, power bank, and flashlight all packed nicely into one lovely gadget. Awesome! Right? Well with TODO, you'll get all these and more.
Imagine how fun-filled your next camping trip, holiday or family vacation would be with a perfect device like TODO at your disposal. Based on its specifications and primary features, it may become increasingly difficult to leave your todo at home anytime you need to step out.
TODO Key Features and Specifications
TODO brings a new dimension to data storage, music, and power storage technology. The features highlighted below shows us exactly why.


1. All-in-one Mp3 player

TODO is equipped with a dynamic but easy to use mp3 player. For a device with other amazing features, its audio output is unprecedented.
Asides its impeccable sound quality, TODO has a dedicated 12gb internal storage space that should accommodate most, if not all of your audio files. Its long lasting battery ensures that you enjoy hours of non-stop music and fun.

3 Separate Hard Disk Drives

Together, you will get 96gb of external storage space from your TODO device. However, in order to allow you categorize your files, these storage space has been split into three fully functional hard disk drives. Leaving you with 3 separate 32gb of disk space for your photos, videos, miscellaneous files, and audios.

Stable Power bank

Need to charge your smartphone or tablet? Don't worry, TODO has got you covered. TODO is powered solely by rechargeable batteries that can also be used to power up your mobile devices at any time or place.
All you need to do is to connect your mobile device to your TODO device using a USB cable. And you are good to go. When your TODO device is fully charged, it can charge up your smartphone or tablet up to 2 times the charge it was before depletion.

Standby Flash Light

 With TODO, nights don't have to be dark anymore. Thanks to its 40 LED flashlight on the underside, you can light up dark areas during a vacation or camping trip at minimal battery cost. This valuable tool can make the difference during an emergency. Your TODO light can be your guide when every other light goes out.


Your TODO gadget connects with any device that features USB or Bluetooth connectivity. The connection process is flaw free and ensures the transfer of data swiftly.
So whether it is a wireless or direct data transfer you want to carry out, you can trust your TODO device 100% to work its magic.

Water Resistance

Since your TODO device will be with you most of the time, its water resistance property just adds icing to an already delicious cake.
So do not worry when your TODO device makes contact with water. Its durable and water resistant cover should do well to keep it in a good working condition.